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Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/25/12 Walden

Snow! Started last night. Kelley woke me about 1:30 by shaking her head to rattle her tags ( this is only the second or third time she has done this) I assumed she needed to do her business and discovered the snow when I opened the door. Off she went and did not return ( also rare) - I guess the excitement of the snow was too much of a temptation. I got dressed and got a flashlight and followed her tracks through peoples yards to the end of the street where I found her brought her in and returned to bed.

In the morning we had 3 or 4 inches of wet heavy snow and we were anxious to get out before it fell off the trees. I had two driveways to clear first so we got a bit of a late start and also not knowing how the trails would be went to Walden which is only about 4 miles from home.

We were the first on the trail and it was wonderful. There was just enough snow to negate the slipperiness of the ice beneath but not enough to make for hard walking. Kelley surveyed the scene and then began doing lots of running back and forth- she loves snow and was very excited.

We met a skier and his dog and he thought the conditions very good for skiing too. The rest of the hike we only met two walkers and one other skier and couldn't understand why more people weren't taking advantage of this day. We did trails in Walden, the old rail bed, West Trail in City Forest, and a connector trail to get us back to the rail bed and all were very good walking.

The fresh snow made a nice background for pictures of both nature and Kelley.

Waiting patiently for me to catch up.


  1. Snow is good..On the coast we had an inch of slush and now it frozen solid..more ice! and we just got rid of the last batch...grrrr

  2. Hi penbayman- sorry to hear that- trying to decide what might work today.

  3. Beautiful photos, again! Love the looks of those woods.

  4. Lots of good pics. You were in the "zone".

  5. Thanks Casey- a beautiful day.

    Thanks John- I think it was in part not having to constantly watch where I was stepping.

  6. Nice photos! Our mountains got lots of snow too over the weekend and the skiing was very good.

  7. Thanks Linda - happy for your skiing


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