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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/14/12 Goose Ridge Trail

Beautiful sunny day - temps in the 20's, rising to the 30's, and no wind. We started from the trail head on Freedom Pond Rd. ( there is no road sign at the intersection) . The trail starts in fairly dense woods as you make the gentle climb to the ridge.

Where the woods open up. There were a few icy spots near the start but most of the trail was easy pleasant walking.

Kelley was happy to be out on the trail in snow.

The trail passes through Spirited Horses Ranch and this is from the overlook there and we would later have our lunch.

We walked to where we could see Penny Road and then turned and retraced our steps back to the start. A very enjoyable 3 1/4 hour walk in a peaceful setting.


  1. I'm liking the centered compositions on the closeups.

  2. I've been by the trail many times as I work at Mt.View High School..never tried it tho..maybe this spring

  3. Hi penbayman - we like the other nearby trails of the Sheepscot Wellsprings Land Alliance. All very pleasant and we rarely met anyone on them.

  4. No. It used to be available at the trail heads - email me and I'll send you a copy- they now have a new brochure


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