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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2/13/12 Sears Island

Cold, mostly cloudy, and very windy but we caught the tide right. We started out along the east shore not sure how long we would follow it. There was some ice but not as bad as on our last visit. When we reached the Blue Trail, Kelley was ready to abandon the shore so we took that to the Tower Rd. Last time we had found a trail that led us across to the main road but the one we took this time meandered quite a bit before ending back at the shore short of the jetty. We followed the shore again to the jetty and then started back on the main road. We met and man and his dog and Kelley got to play for a bit which made her happy. We took the Green Trail back over to the shore and followed that back to the start. Not the best day weather-wise but we got in a 3 1/4 hour walk and had our lunch in the car.



  1. Those Sears Island treks are wicked precious!

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting penbayman

  3. Beautiful pictures...reminds us all to really "see" when we are walking along the beach.

  4. Thanks for looking and commenting Astrig. You are right- all we need do is look.


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