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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/27/12 Walden Area

I just didn't feel like driving this morning-or actually leaving the house but we needed to get out so some place close was in order. I don't have a map that covers this area. The West Penjajawoc Grasslands are only about 3 miles from home at the end of Fox Hollow road. From there there is a snowmobile trail that leads to the utility easement that runs along side Walden and beyond.

From there you can go for miles on the trails. Someone had been on the trail since the last snow which made for easy walking . At the fork we turned left and followed his track to the old rail bed, along that for awhile and then back into the woods on a trail we had not been on before that took us back to the easement. We continued to follow his track until he turned back into the woods toward where we had begun. We continued on the unbroken easement until Kelley wanted to try another side trail ( I think she was tired of breaking her own trail) which led us into Walden and then back out to the easement. Still no sleds had been on the trail but we trudged ahead anyway. Until I went through some hidden ice and into water up to my knee. That's when we turned back. Still we saw some interesting things , the temperatures were mild, and Kelley was enjoying herself.

Along the trail we had not been on before were two very large wood piles. No house in sight.

Another side trail Kelley wanted to try led us to this - Kelley can't read
But I can and decided to turn back. She was a little disappointed.

An interesting hike. 2 1/4 hours


  1. So let's see: two travelers on foot during winter near pallet-sign...turned away...there must be a Christmas parable in there somewhere.

  2. It's not unusual to see these signs along trails maintained by the different land trusts. Many of the trails cross some property not owned by the trust but the owners have agreed to grant access . I often wonder about the motivation of the sign posters.

  3. No fair somebody throwing in a water hazard! Still, a couple of hours out - not bad. Great pics of Kelly.

  4. Thanks for looking and commenting Casey

  5. Do you ever say no to Kelley? :) Nice wood pile.

  6. Kelley must be thinking..."Come on! Come on! What's the holdup?" I agree with Faith about the wood!

  7. Hi Faith-- Thanks for comments- sometimes I say no but often let her pick the route.

    Hi penbayman-- I think so - the girl does get impatient.


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