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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1/31/12 Lagrange Rail Trail

Cold ( about 10 degrees) , cloudy, and snow predicted but no wind. We did not get the snow but got some peeks of sun. We had not done this rail trail before ( still avoiding the icy slopes) and thought to start from the Lagrange end- closer to us - but couldn't spot the trail head so drove on to Medford and started from there.

A nice wide trail with well packed snow from the snowmobiles ( though we saw none) . Mostly woods

With a few marshy areas. A peaceful quiet walk - we also saw no people during our hike.

Before the trail crossed a regular road there would be warnings to stop and gates ( all simple affairs and open) . I found the corroded metal interesting.

And this milkweed

We walked to Rte. 155 and then turned and returned the way we had come. 4 hours


  1. The corroded metal makes neat patterns and great photo ops! Also liked the clouds in your second picture.

  2. Thanks for your comments Linda

  3. Stunning milkweed! What a great-sounding spot-- thanks for all the wonderful ideas for future hikes, John

  4. Corroded metal patterns really draw the eye. The milkweed with snowy background is very nice.

  5. Hi Faith --thanks for commenting- this spot was not dramatic but very comfortable.

    Hi John-- thank you also for your comments-you know I always appreciate them.

  6. Those are interesting corrosion shots. Very neat! Love your finds.

  7. Thanks for your comments Casey


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