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Friday, February 17, 2012

2/16/12 Little Long Pond Area

Supposed to rain tomorrow so we wanted to get in a good one today. We had been told there were trails ( not on the maps) to Barr and Redfield Hills and thought we would see if we could spot them.

A gray cloudy start from Little Long Pond but temps in low 30's and little wind.

This was a great 'dog day' for Kelley. We started walking with a couple with a small boy, a baby in a stroller and five dogs and walked along with them for a short distance. I wasn't able to get pictures because everything was in constant motion.

This tree looks like it's been through some rough times but survives

We next met two more dogs that Kelly got to play with for awhile. They have all got their own stick.

Had to have at least one lichen picture

There was some snow still on the carriage roads and even some patches of ice but nothing not easily got around and it was mostly quite good walking.

Zoe, another new friend Kelley got to play with. We actually met them again later in the walk for a second go round

We found several spots that looked like they might be trails but all of them quickly petered out so we did not find any of the trail we were looking for.

After making the turn back south we met Bailey ( who we had met before) and her mistress and walked with them for awhile ( I failed with those pictures too) . Bailey is young and full of energy and Kelley had great fun with her.

We turned off the carriage road and went to the West Side of Long Pond Trail to finish the hike. Kelley found open water to get into. She had been puzzled and frustrated when she found the pond frozen - even venturing out onto it to check it out.

During the last part of the hike the sun appeared and we had a different view of the pond at the end.

A nice 3 hour hike with lots of fun for Kelley with all of the other dogs. This area of the park is privately owned and there is no leash rule so lots of folks bring their dogs here to allow them to run free. We had never, however, met as many as we did today


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