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Friday, February 24, 2012

2/24/12 Boyd Path/Road

Yesterday it rained all day and we only did short walks , in the rain, downtown and around the neighborhood. The forecast for today is rain and snow later with more the next couple of days. Not raining yet so we headed for Acadia to try and get in a good hike today before the rain.

The Boyd Path starts as a park service road ( gated) on Rte 3 that leads past their gun range ( not in use today) and that was pretty icy but we were able to walk beside the road.
A bad omen.

Once past the gun range you come to a small clearing and the road ends. The trail starts on the left side of this area. The first part was quite icy but we could walk beside the path.

After we crossed the first stream ( not frozen to Kelley's delight) conditions got better with patches rather than continuous ice.

We found some pretty fungus along the way and this section of the trail was pretty good .

When we reached the Pond Trail intersection the whole area was like a large ice rink and instead of continuing we took the Pond Trail to the carriage road thinking it would be less icy. We started north toward Bubble Pond but it was so icy we turned back and headed south. Still icy but we wanted to return on the Hunters Brook Trail so we continued.

Hunters Brook Trail was also very icy but at least we could bushwhack around the worse sections and the brook was not ice covered so Kelley got in lots of water time.

Reddest fungus I have seen.

Hunters Brook took us to the loop road and a short walk from Rte. 3 where we were parked. Lots of ice made parts of this hike uncomfortable but it was still pretty and Kelley was happy to be on the trails. 3 hours


  1. It's too bad about all the ice, but you sure are getting some great pictures of the fungus! Those turkey tails are still pretty for having been around awhile. Nice ice pic, also.

    Hopefully some of the ice will melt off soon. Take care -

  2. Thanks for your comments Casey. This has been the winter of ice and we are looking forward to it's end.

  3. I'm not used to seeing as many fungus in my neck of the woods, mushrooms the summer. Somehow it seems odd to see them in the winter. Is it normal?

  4. Hi John- I'm not sure but think the fact they are in such good shape may be due to our mild winter

  5. I'm ready to move on to milder weather that's for sure. Kelley is such a terrific companion!

  6. Hi penbayman- a bad winter for hiking but this morning was great ( working on the post now) - I'm for milder weather too and yes, Kelley is a great hiker


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