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Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12 Walden

The lousy weather continues. Yesterday we got a little snow, some sleet, and some freezing rain. We just walked around the neighborhood. This morning it's in the 20's and gray with a sheen of ice on everything. . We had to get out so we went over to Walden for an hours walk. A bit of a trudge for me in parts but the crust mostly supported Kelley.

We encountered Sophie (and her owner) who Kelley has played with before so this was exciting for Kelley- and Sophie who is also an excitable girl. They had given up on the trail and were heading back.

In spite of the conditions it was good to get out in the woods for at least a little exercise. later in the afternoon we did another 45 minutes around the neighborhood which involved as much sniffing as walking.


  1. Another day in the "life of Kelley". She takes in stride all the changes of season and fluidly adapts to whatever the natural conditions are as they change. (I guess she doesn't have much choice in the matter.)

  2. Hi John

    I think she is more accepting of 'what is' than we are. She loves being out in the woods but does let me know the few things she doesn't like -slippery ice, big drops for example- but then looks for ways around them. Once past an obstacle it seems to cease to exist and she is back in the present.


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