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Saturday, August 7, 2010

8/6/10 Black Mountain

It was supposed to be cooler and less humid but that did not prove to be the case so we did a shorter out and back hike rather than the large loop originally planned. But first on the road in we came upon a crew unloading heavy equipment for logging and blocking the road ( they said it would be 'awhile'). I parked beside the road and we walked the road for 15 minutes to the trail head. This trail starts out in woods but then breaks out onto a series of granite ledges as you come to the middle peak. It then drops back down into woods before climbing to the east peak and more ledge. We continued for a bit past the peak for more views and briefly considered continuing the loop.

From the middle peak

And look toward the east peak that we will soon be climbing

From East Peak

On the way back I realized that though we had crossed the stream that runs from Wizard Pond we had never actually seen the pond in spite of hiking this trail several times. We followed the stream a short distance to the pond and Kelley got a nice swim.

I don't know why these fascinate me. I have taken a lot of pictures of them since I first started taking pictures many years ago.

Not a bad hike in spite of the weather and the blocked road. 3-1/4 hours


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