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Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/13/10 Cutler Coast

A beautiful day. As we were just starting the hike Kelley got excited about some people ahead of us and when we caught up to them it turned out to be Dave and his wife and friends. We had met Dave on Sand Beach back in February and he had taken pictures of Kelley and put them on his site. What a nice surprise. After a brief chat they let us go ahead ( they wouldn't then have Kelley dogging their heels the whole way). The Coastal Trail starts in woods and has a nice overlook when you reach the ocean.

From there the trail weaves along the coast, sometimes with the ocean in sight and sometimes in woods.

Kelley just wanted to see

Break for an apple

We continued past the Black Point Cutoff for a ways and then turned back. At Black Point Cove there is a fairly long set of steps that Kelley had bushwhacked around going up and now she didn't want to down them either. Then she spotted a dog on the beach below and started crying to get down. The other dog , whose name we found was Kenai, ran up and down the steps as if to show Kelley how it was done and she finally ran down them to play with Kenai. I couldn't decide which of these to post so I'm posting them all.

Kenai and her owners

While I was taking this picture Kelley slipped off and found Dave's party to bother again. We stopped with them and had our lunch and then we took the cutoff to the Inland Trail. This trail has woods, open areas and marshy areas where Kelley could cool off.

A good hike, nice people, and Kenai for Kelley to play with. 4-3/4 hours


  1. Wonderful landscape shots and very nice sequence of Kelley and Kenai.

  2. Ciao John,

    very nice seems Kelley met a friend on her way...

  3. Hi John
    Thanks. A very nice day.

    Ciao Marco
    Yes, very nice.It is also referred to as 'The Bold Coast'.And Kelley was very happy to meet Kenai.

  4. Hi John - Great to meet you and Kelley on Friday. Great pictures of Kenai and Kelley! They certainly had a lot of fun playing together. Love the blog as well. I have some great Maine hikes I have done with Kenai which I will post later this week for you to look into.

    --John (Kenai's owner)

  5. Hi John

    It was good meeting you all too. Thanks for you nice comments. Look forward to your suggestions. If you would like copies of the pictures please email me.


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