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Thursday, August 5, 2010

8/5/10 Dorr Mountain

Clouds and fog, sun, then more fog and clouds, and then light rain. It was also hot and quite humid until the later part of the hike. We started at the Canon Brook trail head on Rte. 3 and then took the Kane Path along the Tarn. This trail has some large boulders that sometimes give Kelley problems but today she danced right down the trail. I think she was excited to be hiking after two days at home because of rain. From the Tarn we took Kurt Diederich's Climb to the Schiff Path and that to the summit where Kelley found a large puddle to lie in and cool off. It was also cooler because there was a fairly stiff breeze and then the clouds and fog returned. As we walked down the S. Ridge Trail wisps of fog were being blown across the trail and the view to either side was eliminated. As we neared the Canon Brook Trail a light rain began but not enough to be a problem. We were able to sit under some trees and have lunch without getting wet. We took Canon Brook back to the car with one more swim for Kelley near the end. A pretty good hike. Though the weather was not the best we met some nice people who gave Kelley attention and made her happy. 3-1/4 hours

At pond on Canon Brook Trail

Across the same pond

Kane Path

Kurt Diederich's Climb

Schiff Path

Dorr S. Ridge Trail


  1. There's a mystical quality to your photos today...I like it.

  2. Thanks for observations. Perhaps the light? It was interesting again.


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