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Friday, August 27, 2010

8/26/10 Kebo and Dorr Mountains

We stayed home Wednesday because it rained all day. Supposed to clear today but still raining when we started from the loop road up Kebo Mountain .

Kelley was happy because there were puddles everywhere.

Kebo summit

Down the other side toward Dorr

It was a slow hike as the rocks were slippery and the footing was poor

Part way up Dorr it stopped raining and looked like it was clearing but when we reached the summit it was still foggy

As we started down the Shiff Path I slipped and twisted my ankle. We continued down and were even slower because my ankle was quite painful. When we reached the bottom we took the Stratheden back to our car. When we got home I put ice on my ankle. Mary and a friend ( a PA) came by and thought I should get an x-ray. I thought it couldn't be broken because I had hiked almost two miles on it. I gave in and an x-ray revealed a fractured bone ( fibula?). I have a boot on it now and will get a real cast on Monday. Dr. said probably 4-6 weeks of no weight bearing. Not our best hike 3-/12 hours


  1. I guess there is an advantage to having four feet under you instead of just two. Seriously, sorry to hear of your misfortune. Heal soon.

  2. Thanks, John. Yes, she is more nimble than I am.


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