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Saturday, August 14, 2010

8/12/10 Holbrook Island Sanctuary

This state park was recommended by Scott some time back and it turned out to be a good one. Most of the trails are short so we did several of them. Brief descriptions on the map above.

First trail was Backshore which ended ( fittingly) at the shore which Kelley appreciated.

We started at the falls end of Goose Falls-they are mostly under a bridge but the trail is pleasant. There were a bunch of kids playing on the shore of the island across the water and Kelley cried because she couldn't get to them.

Beaver Flowage was much grown over without visible water until near the road end. But lots of lush vegetation.

The Mountain Loop Trail was very pleasant and serene and mostly flat ( as were the other trails) until near the end of the Summit Trail

When we encountered steep rocky sections. These had another sort of beauty and felt like we had been transported to another place.

The summit is mostly wooded but gives glimpses through the trees. A good spot for lunch.

Fresh Pond Trail seemed like a good bet for a swim for Kelley and did not disappoint.

Yet another waterlily

A beautiful day and very nice hikes with lots of variety. Total walking time 3-3/4 hours.


  1. Hi John! I love the flower picture! It's like the flowers are coming towards me out of the picture.


  2. I liked the blue oyster shell, and the blurry background marigold pic, and the tree stump, and....

  3. Hi Mats

    Thanks for commenting.

    Hi John

    I always appreciate your comments. Thanks

  4. Hi Kelly, we are going to be by Holbrook Island Sanctuary and your pictures make us definitely want to stop there! Do you happen to know if there is any place for kids to swim? Ours are very little and so I didn't know if either of the ponds was ok to swim in. Thanks for any advice you might have on this or on visiting the area!

    1. It's been awhile, but there is a beach there- I don't remember a lot about it. We were more interested in the various trails. If you look on the Maine State Park site you should find the information. Pick up one of the brochures as you enter. A very nice park with lots of variety. Let us hear how it goes


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