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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8/2/10 Norumbega Mountain

One more attempt to find the continuation of the Brown Mt. N. Ridge Trail. We had found and hiked the top section but haven't been able to find the section between Rte 198 and the Giant Slide trail. We started from Hadlock Pond Rd. but took the Golf Course Trail which I hadn't done in years and did not remember. The trail takes you through woods to the course and then along it ( on the right side of this picture) before turning for a fairly steep climb up the side of the mountain ( the part I didn't remember) and back to the Norumbega Trail. We met two women with dogs and Kelley got to hike with them to near the summit.

After the summit we found the Brown Mt. Trail ( not evident from The Goat Trail) and again took it down to the highway. Once located, the trail is fairly easy to follow ( see cairn in first picture) , fairly open at the top with a view or two before dropping into fairly deep woods

We spent a little time walking the road and searching in the woods but could not find any trace of the trail we were seeking. Kelley seemed to be warm ( the trail had been dry so far) so we opted for a wetter return and walked up the road a short distance to pick up a carriage road >Parkman Mt. Trail>Hadlock Brook Trail to Hadlock Ponds Trail which followed the ponds back to our car and gave her many opportunities to get into the water and cool off. A nice hike even without finding the trail we had been seeking. 3-3/4 hours


  1. Kelley is lucky to have a caring human looking out for her.

  2. And I'm lucky to have her to keep me company.

  3. Ciao John,

    you both have a beautiful enviroment around you...

  4. Ciao Marco

    Yes, we do and we realize how luck we are.


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