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Sunday, August 8, 2010

8-7-10 Long Pond - Jordan Stream - Harbor Brook

A beautiful day with both lower temperature and humidity. We started from the Long Pond parking area, taking the short trail over to the other side of the pond. The carriage roads in this area are on private property and, therefore, the rules differ. People are not required to leash their dogs and there were several for Kelley to meet and one, with her mistress, that we hiked along with until we reached the Jordan Stream Trail. As Kelley was running up the path with the other dog I heard someone say, "There's Kelley". This turned out to be a member of a nice family we had met and talked with on Flying mountain back in June. Kelley was happy to see them.

Long Pond

More good things for Kelley as the Jordan Stream Trail mostly stays close to the stream.

We followed the Jordan Stream to the Asticou Trail and took that across to the Harbor Brook Trail which also mostly follows the stream. This pretty section is in a marshy area and not next to the stream.

A mushroom that didn't look real

We took the Harbor Brook back to the road and walked that a short distance back to our car. Nice day, nice people, good hike. 3-1/4 hours


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Great mushroom picture.


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