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Monday, August 23, 2010

8/23/10 Catherine and Tunk Mountains

A mix of sun and clouds with temps in the 70's- good hiking weather. We had done Catherine Mountain before but not by this trail which starts on Hwy 182. It begins ,briefly, as a woods road

which quickly turns into a nice trail.

As you rise you begin to get views from ledges.

Kelley contemplating her next move.

We hiked beyond our highest point but turned back to return the way we had come. On the way back we took a short side trail to the Catherine Cliffs and these views.

A nice hike but only 1-3/4 hours so we decided to do Tunk Mountain from a nearby trail head.

We had done this hike before and were pleased to see that some trail maintenance had been done and trees that were across the trail on our previous hike had been cleared.

Kelley taking advantage of Salmon Pond

Mud Pond

Once you pass the ponds the trail becomes fairly steep with some rocky sections ( at one spot Kelley needed a boost which she does not care for) and you earn the views you get.

We hiked a ways past the summit but then turned and retraced our route in. I would like to say we did this so Kelley could have another crack at the ponds but the truth is that since we didn't plan to do Tunk, I had not brought those maps and didn't remember where the trail led ( it would have taken us back to near the start of the trail) .

Kelley did get one more swim in Salmon Pond

Another nice, but more tiring, hike. 2-1/2 hours


  1. I would think that after nearly 4 hours of hiking you deserve to feel tired.

  2. But Kelley is ready to continue-of course she's much younger than I am.


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