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Thursday, July 1, 2010

6/30/10 Gorham and Champlain Mountains

An absolutely beautiful day. There are free propane powered buses that operate in the park to cut down on auto traffic and we decide to try them out by doing a long point to point hike and riding the bus back. We started from the Gorham Mtn. trail head on the loop road and planned to hike over that mtn. and continue on across Champlain to the loop road to the north.

Kelley on the Gorham Mtn. Trail

Great Head from the Gorham trail

On the Gorham Trail we met some nice people from N. Y, Bill and Toni, who were also interested in the same hike and we decided to do it together. They like Kelley and she liked them and they were pleasant hiking companions.

The Bowl from Champlain S. Ridge (or Bear Brook) Trail

This is a mostly gradual climb with a few large rocks that Kelley needs to work around but much of it is open with great views

There is a small pool at the summit which Kelley quickly took advantage of. ( Toni and Bill in background)

I tried several times to get a nice picture of Bill, Toni, and Kelley, but Kelly doesn't really get into posing so this was the best I could do.

We continued down the North Ridge of Champlain to the loop road and the bus came in less than 10 minutes. Kelley had never been on a bus before and didn't want this ride either. With the help of the others we got her on and she was a little nervous but OK. When we got back to the trail head we said good bye to our new friends and walked along the ocean to find a nice spot for lunch.

A nice hike 3-1/2 hours


  1. Poor Kelley, forced to ride the bus AND pose for the camera. Looks like it was a terrific day though.

  2. Hi John W

    It was a great day. Weather was about perfect, good companions, and a beautiful place.

  3. Thanks. A hard day not to get good pictures.


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