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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7/13/10 Schoodic Mountain

Clouds, fog, and humidity but only a couple of deer flies. We had hoped the fog would have burned off by the time we got over here but it had not and we decided to do the hike anyway. We started at the trail head at the Schoodic Beach parking lot. This trail is mostly through woods with a few more open areas near the top and nothing to challenge Kelley.

As expected there was fog at the summit but it was denser than anticipated and you could not even see the tower from the top of the trail. Still it was pretty.

We took the trail down to Schoodic Beach on Donnell Pond.

You can see that it is still foggy on the mountain.

Unfortunately there was an unfriendly dog there and we moved on toward the Black Mountain Trail to make a loop back to the parking lot. As we passed through the camping area Kelley found something to eat and wolfed it down before I could stop her.

When you get up along the ridge on the Black Mountain Trail there are a few spots where you can catch a view. Not today.

But, again, it was a pretty hike anyway.

When we got to the car, Kelley jumped into the back seat and promptly threw up whatever she had got into earlier. I have the seat covered but had to get her out and remove the soiled blanket before we could leave. 3 hours. Kelley seemed to recover quickly from her dietary mishap.


  1. The trials and trails of Kelley...She hasn't missed a day yet has she? Is she always eager to get going?

  2. Hi John

    The only days she misses are those we don't hike because of the weather. Kelley loves to hike and usually watches me closely in the morning so that I don't slip off without her. When I am ready to sit down after a long hike she is always ready for more.

  3. I have begun hiking these mountains too with my dog Buddy.
    Hiking Acadia as well and the Frenchman Bay Conservancy trail.
    My very new blog is on

  4. Hi Jack

    Thanks for commenting. I checked your blog and it looks good as does your dog.


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