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Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12/10 The Wildlands

Hot, humid, and plagued by deer flies. We have done many of the other Wildlands trails but this was our first time in this section. We started from the north gate on Bald Mountain Road and walked to the Hothole Pond Trail. It's not signed but is the first right off the Valley Road. We came to this small pond and Kelley got to cool off.

As this view shows beavers have created this pond.

This trail starts as , essentially, a gravel road but as you proceed more vegetation encroaches

and then, a short distance from the pond, becomes a narrow woods trail which ends at a nice sized pond.

We backtracked to the Valley Road and, in spite of the heat and the deer flies, headed south to the Flying Moose Trail. This trail is also has no sign but is the next left off the Valley Road where a right fork is the Mountain View Road. The map shows a fork near the end of the trail but we turned too soon onto a trail that just sort of ended in a field (had I bothered to look at my map I would have realized it was too soon). Back on track, we climbed to the end of the trail and these views.

We had our lunch, picked a few raspberries ( Kelley hadn't had them before and pronounced them 'good' ), and returned the way we had come to our car. 3-1/4 hours


  1. Deerflies are really huge flies, right? I'll pass.

    I can just see Kelley and you sharing raspberries. Now those I would not pass on.

  2. Anyone Can Enjoy Camping. Outdoor sport requires immense strength, stamina and energy

  3. Thanks to both of you for commenting.

    John W.
    Big and vicious biters- but for me they mostly just fly around my head and annoy. I think they are what we called 'sweat bees'. The raspberries were the small wild variety and very good, indeed.

    Especially for an old guy like me. Kelley is only 3 and has lots of energy.


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