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Saturday, July 10, 2010

7/9/10 Western Mountains Loop

Another foggy morning. For this loop we started at the pumping station parking lot and took Cold Brook> Razorback > Great Notch > Long Pond.

Razorback begins in woods

but rises to rocky ledges and ridges that ,today, were transformed by the fog into a very different place than on a sunny day

It then drops down into woods as it heads to Great Notch

Along Long Pond there are some ledges that jut out into the water and provide an excellent lunch spot with swimming for Kelley.

When we got back to the car there were people with two dogs and Kelley played with them briefly until I put her in the back of the car. A man on a bike asked me some questions about trails and as we were talking I heard the owner of the two dogs calling to let me know Kelley had followed them up the trail and she was bringing her back. I had not seen her slip out of the car when she decided hiking with them would be more fun than listening to me talk. 3-1/4 hours


  1. Good story. Sounds like Kelley is starting to think that she is running this show.

  2. Thanks. The girl does have a mind of her own.

  3. Hey John, I have been following your blog for several months, I love your pictures, continue posting them. They are my daily inspiration. Thanks!

  4. Hi Dom

    Thank you! Glad you decided to post a comment.


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