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Monday, July 5, 2010

7/4/10 Harbor Brook,-Cedar Swamp Mtn.-Eliot Mtn.

A hot humid day so we headed to Acadia where it's usually several degrees cooler than Bangor. To avoid the 4th of July crowds we chose the Harbor Brook Trail and planed a loop over Eliot Mtn. since we never see anyone on these trails. Kelley really likes Harbor Brook Trail because most of the way it's next to the brook. Today she was in the water first chance she got and then ran excitedly down the trail to the next spot she could enter the water and that's how we did the trail.

When we reached the Asticou Trail we headed west toward the map house but when we came to the intersection of the Sargent S. Ridge we decided to take that up to Cedar Swamp Mtn. thinking perhaps we would get some breezes and relief from the heat. We did not.

View from Cedar Swamp Mtn.

From the summit we retraced our route back to the Asticou and then to the Asticou Ridge Trail up Eliot.This is a nice woods walk with some ledges as you near the summit.

We found a shady spot for lunch and then took the trail which drops quickly down to Harbor Brook and passed this interesting rock formation

Kelley beat me to the brook and was happy the dry section of the hike was over. She repeated her earlier behavior as we returned to our car, sometimes staying in the water beside me as I walked the trail.

We didn't beat the heat but met only two couples on our 4-1/2 hour hike.


  1. The rock formation looks like Aztec ruins.

    Interesting composition with the flower.

    Happy Kelley.

  2. Hi John W

    Thanks for comments. I agree about the rocks and Kelley was very happy.


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