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Sunday, July 4, 2010

7/3/10 Sears Island

A leisurely walk around the perimeter of Sears Island--about 5 miles. Kelley liked being able to swim and all the different smells.


  1. Lovely photographs, John, and good for Kelley to work off the blubber in interesting places like Sears Island (may it stay forever natural and port-less).

  2. Thanks, Ron. Kelley says, "what blubber?" Amen to port-less.

  3. Another one on my list of walks I want to do. I just think 5 miles is too much for little legs. I love the ocean so being surrounded by it for a 5 mile walk would be perfect.


    5 miles is a long walk but you can take one of the trails that goes to the water and make a shorter loop that way.


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