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Thursday, July 29, 2010

7/28/10 Penobscot Mountain

Supposed to rain tomorrow so we decided to get in a good one. We started on the Harbor Brook Trail from Rte. 3. This is a pretty trail but in need of maintenance-there are several fallen trees that have not been cleared from the trail. Kelley thinks it's just fine as it mostly stays very close to the stream.

Cloud Lichen

When we reached the Asticou we took it the short distance to the Penobscot Mtn. Trail. This section is an old trail that was reopened and is very nice.

Past the intersection with the Spring Trail it is open across granite the last mile to the top.

Jordan Pond

We shared an apple at the summit and then continued on to the trail that goes past Sargent Mountain Pond. Scientist think this is the first lake in Maine because of it's elevation and location near the coast. It formed when the glaciers melted . Higher mountains inland were still frozen over.

After Kelley had a swim-there were three men just getting out of the water and they said it was fine- we climbed up to the Sargent S. Ridge Trail

and took that to the Amphitheater Trail which also follows Harbor Brook and passes under this bridge which is the longest of the carriage road bridges.

From the Amphitheater Trails end we had a short walk on the carriage road back to the Penobscot/Asticou connection to Harbor Brook Trail and back the way we had come.

One last swim for Kelley
A nice hike on a variety of trails- 5 hours


  1. Good color. Looks pleasant in the shade.

  2. It was, and a little warm in the sun.Kelley appreciated the water.


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