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Saturday, July 17, 2010

7/16/10 Tanglewood

Still warm and humid but mostly cloudy and we picked a wooded hike with water for Kelley so it was much more comfortable. Tanglewood is part of Camden Hills State Park but contains a 4H camp associated with the state co-operative extension service. We started from the parking area on Ducktrap Rd. and followed the Forest Loop Trail

to the River Trail which mostly runs along the Ducktrap River

but climbs to a ridge from which you can look down to the river.
We followed it to an area with a huge fire pit where the trail seemed to end but we could see where others had preceded us so we continued on for awhile hoping to reach the highway so we would know how far we had come. We turned back before that and returned to where we had turned off before but continued on the River Trail. The river was more serene in this section.

On all of the trails there was the most amazing display of fungi. I have never seen so many or so many varieties ( perhaps a result of all the humidity?) . This is only a small sample. Many were past their prime or partially eaten. I wished I had brought a tripod.

We ended up taking the Old Boundary Trail ( not having done it before) across to a continuation of the Forest Loop and that back to our car. An interesting hike 3-1/2 hours


  1. What a variety of fungi! and colors! I'm guessing that you are using the Pentax on these (I know your macro lens is Pentax). The landscape shots look just a bit higher resolution also.

  2. Yes, I have been using it for awhile now. Have to figure a way to keep the screen ( which i don't actually use)from getting more abraded as it rubs against my shirt. Tried those clear protectors that people use on I Phones, etc. but they peel off before the hike is finished. Duct tape to hold it on?


    Maybe one of the ideas at the link above?


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