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Monday, June 28, 2010

6/27/10 Flying Mountain/Valley Peak Area

We started from the parking area on Fernald Point Rd. on the Flying Mtn. Trail. This trail is mostly easy except for a spot with large boulders that Kelley needs a boost over. You get nice views with little effort and we met some nice people up there.

Flying Mountain Overlook

The trail then dropped down to Valley Cove

and a chance for Kelley to swim.

The trail, called either Flying Mountain or Valley Cove which runs north along the water has some very large boulders that Kelley couldn't negotiate so we tried bushwhacking around but mostly ran into more cliff like formations.

We then tried to bushwhack on an angle up to the Valley Peak Trail but that was also difficult and we ended up back on the Valley Cove Rd. which we took to the Valley Peak Trail. This is a nice one with some nice open areas and views. We met another nice family up here who gave Kelley some attention. There were only a couple of spots on this trail where Kelley needed to find her own way.

Somes Sound from Valley Peak Trail

We then took the St. Sauveur Trail over that mountain-wooded without views-and down to the Ledge Trail. This trail has been closed but we took it anyway and met more nice people when we connected with the regular trail again. We got off the trail along here and I found an old trail with some cairns and worn spots. I was excited because it's not on any of my maps. We followed it for a pretty good distance but it eventually faded and we did more bushwhacking in the direction of our car. We eventually came out on the road just south of the parking area. There is a small pond there where we had lunch and Kelley had another swim.

A beautiful day and a nice, if vigorous hike. 5-1/4 hours


  1. Ciao John,

    as always very nice places around you!

  2. Ciao Marco

    Thanks for commenting. It's nice to know that you visit.

  3. That trail along Valley Cove is surprisingly rough. And the cliffs above on St Sauveur are perhaps the steepest and tallest on the island. Nice hike though.

  4. Hi Scott

    You are right about that trail. We had done it once before from the other direction and somehow made it through. I don't know why I thought it would be easier this way-just stupid I guess. And it was a nice hike.

  5. Hi John,
    Nice pics as always. I always check your blog, don't always comment.

  6. Just posted my trip to Flying Mountain. We hiked that trail with the kids on the 2nd day of our hiking trip. Its a great hike for kid's. My husband and I did the other part of the trail to St Sauveur. That would have been too hard for the kids. WE didn't do the Valley Cove Trail yet. It on our list

  7. I will check your blog. Valley Cove is interesting but also not for kids.


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