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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/7/10 Acadia - Shore Trail and Shore Path

These are trails 437 and 436 in the Mapmakers book.They were easier to find ( except for the eastern end of 437) because they occupy a narrow strip between the ocean and the park loop road. We started from Blackwoods Campground taking 447 to it's intersection with the Shore Trail and turned west toward Hunters Beach. At times we ended up on the loop road as the trail seemed to disappear ( perhaps eroded) and then dip back into the woods and to ledges for spectacular views.

At other times the trail was easily discerned.

At Hunters Beach Head the trail becomes the Shore Path ( 436) and before you is Hunters Beach

And there is this view across the cove.

We took the loop road back to 447 and back down to the Shore Trail to follow it east. This part of the trail had apparently had less recent use and was harder to follow. There were more downed trees to work around and fewer visible sections of trail.

When we got near the Otter Cove Causeway we could not find the continuation of the trail across the road. We did find another trail right next to the causeway. It was not at first apparent but once we climbed up to it we found red blazes and obvious trail maintenance so we knew it was not our trail. We followed it anyway and it brought us out to Grover Road which took us to Rte. 3 which we walked back to the Cadillac S. Ridge Trail (26) and that back to the campground and our car. A very nice hike. 3-1/2 hours


  1. Gorgeous shoreline. Have you ever seen anyone fishing there? Or kayaking? Or taking photos?

  2. It is beautiful. Only fishermen I see are lobster men in their boats. Haven't seen kayaks in this area but in other parts of the park. lots of photographers and this painter

  3. Looks like it was a gorgeous day! The view of Schoodic Point is so clear it's like you could reach out and touch it.


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