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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/15/19 Back To The Breakneck

We decided to go back and explore the side trails we had passed two days ago. It was a beautiful day and these birches were near the start.

We started down the Breakneck and took the turn that we thought was Trail 309 and took that to the first small side trail. It went a short distance and disappeared. We continued to the next small trail but it only went to the same short trail we had just been on. A puzzle as they were quite clear and seemed to have no particular goal.

We then took another small trail east and this continued to the carriage road and a pond. We had not crossed the Breakneck along the way so realized we must have been on the Breakneck ( in my defense let me say we had only done this section in winter snow). We went to the ponds ( a swim for Kelley) and then returned as we had come. When we got back to where the trail had seemed to turn we looked for Trail 309 and found what could have been an old trail. This trail was difficult to follow and often seemed not to be a trail at all but we continued traveling south and finally came out at the end of the Breakneck Ponds at the trail we had taken two days ago that ended up taking us west. I have shown approximate route on map above but don't know if we were on the actual trail or just near it. We sat beside one of the ponds and enjoyed our lunch before taking the Breakneck back to our car. 3-1/4 hours

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