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Saturday, June 12, 2010

6/11/10 Lake Wood - Fawn Pond

Another beautiful day. There are several abandoned trails in the area we planned to hike but to avoid frustration we decide that rather than seek a specific trail we would just head down Breakneck and explore whatever we found. We found an old fire or logging road and took that over a small hill to Lake Wood ( we thought it was Fawn Pond at the time because of the location of trail 309 on the old map). We followed the trail north along the Lake ( easy to follow though not blazed)

When we reached the northern end we found road access ( see map above) and knew where we were. We spent some time trying to find the trail that continued around the lake but found only trails that ended at the park boundary or went in the wrong direction.

Kelley had many opportunities to get in the water and thought this was a great trail.

We started back the way we had come but took the trail across to Fawn Pond and circled that. That trail was difficult to follow and was pretty much a bushwhack though not a difficult one.

There were several beaver lodges on Fawn Pond.

We returned to the trail beside Lake wood, had lunch, and walked back to the Breakneck and the starting point of our hike

Wild Iris

Kelley waiting for me on the Breakneck Road

A very nice hike if a little confusing. I put our approximate route on the map above. We did not cross any other roads or paths and came out at the end of Lake Wood which is not shown on the old map. Next time we will go further south on Breakneck and see what we find.
4-1/4 hours


  1. Look's like a great hike! I always love discovery

  2. A well kept secret to all but the locals. I haven't seen Fawn Pond before, so I enjoyed the photos. It's a fun place to explore, and you had a good idea coming in from Breakneck Pond Rd. I just came in the road to the beach on Lakewood Pond. Rumour has it that the place is a popular spot for skinny dipping.

  3. Thanks for the comments. It was fun exploring and coming upon the lake as a surprise.


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