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Saturday, June 5, 2010

6/4/10 Acadia - Mixed Bag

We first went to park headquarters for a try at the McFarland Path. The man who was to show us the start was not working but we found what we thought was the trail and followed it to the carriage road. From there we had difficulty finding anything looking like a trail and no cairns. We did find what looked like an old road and followed that even though we knew it was not our trail. It did turn into a trail that came out at Eagle Lake where Kelley had a swim and we took the carriage road back to the trail into headquarters and our car. 1 -1/4 hours

Eagle Lake

We then drove over to the trail head for the Giant Slide Trail to try finding the other end of the Brown Mtn. North Ridge Trail (indicated by the black dotted line I have added). The other end (highlighted in green) we had found on a previous hike.
Giant Slide starts out in woods and Kelley soon found some water to get into. This first section is new and very pleasant.

When we reached the carriage road we searched along the trail and the road but could not find the trail and decide to continue on the Giant Slide knowing that there was a point Kelley couldn't manage that we would bushwhack around. After crossing the carriage road the trail becomes more rocky as it follows the stream

Until this point where we left the trail and climbed up to an abandoned trail we had found last time we did this.

After a woods section which is harder to follow this trail opens up and becomes easy.

and even offers some glimpses through the trees

before dropping back into the woods for awhile and eventually connecting with the Parkman Mtn. Trail

Which rises gradually up the mountain

to open ledge
and the summit

with it's views

We returned the way we had come and enjoyed our hike even though we did not find the other trials we had been looking for. 3 hours


  1. Sorry I didn't get back to you about exploring that area.
    Some abandoned trails are pretty easy to follow, in some cases trail "phantoms" keep them clear. Others have become obliterated and may be lost causes.
    I haven't done Giant Slide, perhaps because Tom St.Germain says it's a tough hike. Then again he said the same about Pemetic from Bubble Pond and I found that pretty easy.
    We skipped Great Pond Mt for today's hike due to the rain and fog and explored the hatchery trails instead. Six of us walked about four miles.

  2. Hi Scott

    Do you think a GPS would help? My park source had said I wouldn't be able the follow the exact trail but just in general. I need to learn some map and compass skills.

    I think Giant Slide is a challenge ( at least in the middle).

    We stayed home today because of the rain. Good on you for getting out in it.

  3. In my opinion (and with my level of experience) I find a GPS great for getting to a known destination, good for understanding my location relative to nearby landmarks and fair at best for following a route on I'm looking at on a paper map. But then I haven't tried using the GPS to follow abandoned trails, so I might get better if I tried it more.

    I looked at the NWS radar before I left and it showed that the rain was moving on for a while. And the layout of the hatchery trails is such that you can beat a hasty retreat to the car at several points or continue on. We were out from 1-3:45 and never saw a drop of rain.
    I don't have another MOAC hike in mind for a while. Paddling this week and a full moon paddle in 2 1/2 weeks.

  4. My favorite abandoned trails are those on Great Hill, as well as the old Green Mountain Railway route from Eagle lake to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. There are videos on Youtube of the Green Mountain railway trail.

  5. Thanks for the info Anonymous


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