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Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21/10 Eagles Crag Foot Trail and Potholes Path

The plan was to hike the Potholes Path from the bottom rather than from the top which we had done. We started at the Canon Brook Trail head (19) and took that to the Dorr Mtn. S. Ridge Trail . The Dry Mountain Path Extension (332) starts across the trail behind some fallen trees. We took that to the intersection of the Eagles Crag Foot Trail (343) and the Potholes Path (342). We took the Eagles Crag Trail, thinking to do it and then return to the intersection to do the Potholes. After reaching the base of Eagles Crag the trail became steep and rocky and presented problems for Kelley. We did make it up, with Kelley needing a couple of boosts , but I did not want her to have to go back down that trail so we decided to make a loop of it and continued on Cadillac Mtn. S. Ridge (26) to near the Featherbed where we picked up the Potholes Trail which we took back to the intersection with Eagles Crag and then back the way we had come.

Near start of Canon Brook Trail

Eagles Crag Foot Trail

View from Eagles Crag

The Potholes Path. Much of it is open and , I think, a very nice trail

One of the potholes for which the trail is named. This one is 7 or 8 inches across.

A hot and humid day but still a great hike. 5 hours


  1. The waterlily picture is calming; the water so peaceful.

  2. It is a peaceful place. Of course I had to be quick before Kelley jumped in.

  3. Ha! That's for sure. She' drawn like a magnet to any water.

  4. It is a great hike and probably the most gradual up Cadillac.


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