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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/22/10 Boyd Road/Path and Pond Trail

The Boyd Road/Path (449) was described as " a 2.4 mile road still evident but not marked". We started the hike on Rte. 3 on a gated forest service road ( which seemed to be in about the right location) that we found led to their firing range ( not in use today). After the firing range the road was narrower and not apparently used

and quickly narrowed down to a clear path

and then into the woods where it was less clear but still easy to follow. When we reached the intersection with the Pond Trail (20) we decided to attempt that again ( we had been defeated last winter when besides being steep and rocky it was also icy). After a brief woods section the trail starts to climb and get rocky.

This was where we had been stopped in winter and it was still quite difficult for Kelley. With a couple of boosts ( which she does not like) we made it up this and other rough sections.

But then you rise above the trees and the trail is over ledges with some nice views which Kelley seems to enjoy. It seems odd but she always goes to ledges that promise a view.

The Featherbed. Kelley had a swim and then we went back down the trail

and took the carriage road to Bubble Pond for another swim.

We then started down the carriage road looking for the Upper Hunters Brook Trail (454) . The trail was not evident so we went into the woods to see if we could find it. We did not ( very many downed trees and marshy areas made it a challenge) but decided to continue bushwhacking south thinking we would find the Hunters Brook Trail we were familiar with, but missed that too. We did, however, come out to the road quite near our car. 4-1/2 hours


  1. Looks like another good trail I would do

  2. The Boyd part would be good with the kids and you could loop back on the carriage road if you didn't want to return the same way. The Pond Trail is difficult.

  3. I've got to see that road! It's shown on this old topo map:
    Incidentally, this site has old topos for all of New England. Many of the old roads they show are still walkable even though they were taken off the maps decades ago.

  4. Thanks for links Scott. This one was easy to find because the park service is still using the small piece of Rte. 3

  5. Thanks for the description of Boyd Road!

    1. You are welcome- hope it was a good hike.


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