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Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/13/10 More Exploring Around Breakneck

We started the Breakneck road from Hulls Cove again. This time we found what we thought was another trail which rose gently up a hill and was quite pleasant.

When we arrived at the Breakneck Ponds we determined we had been on Trail 309. But on a hike on 6/15 discovered we had really been on the Breakneck (314) as explained above.

After a swim for Kelley we walked along the carriage road looking for Trail 312, hoping to take it to 313 and complete a loop. We were unable to find it and decide to return to the Breakneck and explore a couple of small trail off of it that we had passed earlier. While trying to find that trail we found another and decided to see where it led. It started from the end of the Breakneck Ponds and though overgrown in parts was not too difficult to follow.

After a bit the trail turned into an old abandoned road of some sort and we continued on though we realized it was not taking us back to where we had started. We walked through woods and marshy areas until eventually we came to the park boundary and several unfriendly signs saying "KEEP OUT" so we did. Not wanting to retrace our steps we looked around and spotted some very old faded blue paint blazes and started following those. Unfortunately those soon disappeared and we began looking for another trail. We had encountered the park boundary when we hiked past Lake Wood so I assumed we were in that general area. After crashing around through woods and marsh and enduring Kelley's accusing looks ( " do you know where we are?")we found a nice little trail and followed that. This trail dropped down and actually ended right at someone's back porch. We walked through their yard and discovered we were on Norway drive. A sign said 'Dead End' so we walked the other way to an intersection. There were two girls in their yard and we asked them where we were ( "you don't know where you are?") and how to get to Hulls Cove--a 30 minute walk up Crooked Road to Rte. 3 and hang a right.

I have not attempted to trace our path from Breakneck Ponds to Norway Dr. but only show our start and end points. An interesting day. 4-1/2 hours

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