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Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31/09 A Mixed Bag

We wanted to get in a good hike today because there is a big storm, with lots of snow, predicted for the next two or three days. Today was warmer with little wind but also cloudy. We decided to try some different trails to see which were hikeable and which not. We started on the Canon Brook Trail from Rte. 3 ( an easy mostly flat walk) and took it to the Dorr Mtn. S. Ridge Trail. We didn't expect to be able to make it all the way up but would go as far as we could. The higher we got the icier the trail became until it was too risky and we turned back. Near the junction we met a woman coming up and she was also checking it out. She made Kelley happy and Kelley briefly thought maybe she would hike with her. We returned to the Canon Brook Trail and took that right to the A Murray Young Trail. Again we did not expect to do the whole trail as there is a section of huge boulders that you have to scramble over that Kelley had trouble with on a previous hike. The challenge on this trail was crossing a few small streams where the stepping stones were covered with shiny ice. Even Kelley did not care for this. We made it to the large boulder area and turned back the way we had come. Back at the Canon Brook junction we had lunch and then headed back down that trail. Instead of turning to go back to the parking area we continued on the Kane Path (a short easy walk) to the Tarn before turning around and going back to the Canon Brook junction and to the car. The section from this junction to the road contains an elevated split wood walkway over the water and in the past Kelley has chosen to walk in the water but today she was content to stay above the water with me. 3 1/2 hours

Dorr Mtn. S. Ridge Trail

A Murray Young Trail

Junction of Canon Brook and A Murray Young Trails

Kelley After Lunch


  1. Sounds like you had a nice hike to finish out the year. Glad that you both are exercising caution in tackling icy rocks, etc.

    The photos have a different look today, what's up? Something's different.

  2. It was a nice hike. I had the camera set ( accidently ) for 'night scene'- used them anyway because they still illustrate the hike.

  3. That explains it. I'm glad you posted them.

  4. Thanks. While it's nice when the pictures come out well, the hikes are what it's about.

  5. I hear you. Do you take requests? This coming summer I'd love to see some ocean tidepools. Is that considered a hike?

  6. It could be but I have never seen a tide pool here like I have in California or Hawaii. Will have to check into why I haven't.


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