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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/1/09 Jordan-Bubble Pond Loop

It rained all day yesterday so we decided to do another carriage road loop today ( and avoid wet and icy trails). This one was 8.6 miles and quite a nice walk ( 30's but sunny). It starts at the Jordan Pond parking area and proceeds north along and above Jordan Pond and below the Jordan Cliffs, turns east and skirts the southern end of Eagle Lake, and then on to Bubble Pond where we shared an apple. The road narrows as it follows the shore of Bubble Pond ( a very nice section) and returns to it's usual width as it continues along the side of Pemetic, past the Triad and around by the stables and back to the start. 2 3/4 hours


  1. Now this trail looks almost civilized...paved and wide with boulders along the edges.

    Kelley sure eats a lot of apple snacks; is she a vegetarian?

  2. Not paved - just well packed and this section especially. The roads get lots of use by bikers. Volunteers sometimes trim grass between the boulders they call Mr. Rockefeller's teeth.

    Kelley is not a vegetarian but needs to keep her weight down because of a problem she had with her back legs and we used apples and carrots as lower calorie snacks. She likes crunchy things.


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