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Saturday, December 26, 2009

12/26/09 Kebo Mtn. and Some Other Trails

Cloudy but low 30's and little wind so pretty good hiking weather. The little foray on the Sgt. Mtn. Trail went well yesterday so decided to try another smaller mountain today. We parked at the gate at the end of Kebo St. in Bar Harbor and walked to the loop road and followed that the short distance to the Kebo Mtn. Trail. This trail was a little more difficult than yesterday because it was rockier and, being more open, snowier but we took our time and had no problems. We continued down the trail to the Dorr Mtn./ Hemlock Trail junction. We were tempted to try going up Dorr but decide against and took the Hemlock Trail across to Hemlock Road and the Jesup Path to the Tarn. We then backtracked to the Strath Eden and took that back to the loop road and that to the other end of the Jesup Path which we took back to the previous section of the Jesup and then returned to the loop road and back to the car. All of these trails flat and easy. A nice hike with lots of variety. 3 hours

From the Loop Road
Kebo Mtn. Trail

The Tarn

Along the Jesup Path


  1. Very nice subtle use of color, especially on the bottom two. I see Bar Harbor on the map there; is that a tourist magnet? "Bald Porcupine Island" is a funny name.

  2. Thanks. We are lucky to have this beautiful place so close to us. Bar Harbor is a major tourist magnet. Besides all the people who drive there and to the park it attracts large cruise ships-there were three in the harbor one day last summer. During summer we tend to avoid the congestion but this time of year it is almost deserted with most business, including the big hotels, closed for the winter.

  3. I would prefer winter. Don't like crowds.


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