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Saturday, December 12, 2009

12/11/09 Day Mtn. Area Carriage Roads

Trying something new - a general map of the carriage roads and another of our route. A cold and very windy day (25-30 mph with 50 mph gusts) but mostly we were protected by the trees and mountains. A spur takes you to the summit of Day Mountain and there the winds were fierce. A pretty good crust on the snow made me wish I had brought snow shoes for easier walking. All of that aside it was a beautiful walk. 3 /12 hours


  1. Nice. Those are some windblown clouds, winter style.
    I like the idea of the map illustration, but my old eyes have a hard time reading them at the small size.
    I also like the link at the top to your photo album.

  2. Thanks. Trying to make the maps big enough but not too big. Easier for me to follow because of familiarity. A work in progress.


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