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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/23/09 Walden Parke Preserve

Cold gray day but no wind. We were supposed to get major snow last night but got a light dusting.This trail starts 4 miles from home at the end of Tamarack Trail. There is a loop that starts here but we chose to explore several side trails. Some of them lead off the land trust property and to snowmobile trails--good walking because the sleds pack down the snow. None of these trails seems to be named and there is not a map of them so it was an interesting hike. 3 1/4 hours

In answer to John below. A bit complicated. The trails are not in the trees pictured above-that is part of the Bangor Forest which abuts this parcel and does not allow snowmobiles. We started at the parking area on the blue trail ( no snowmobiles) but took a side trail over to the snowmobile trail on the left.took a couple of side trails further left from there-one used by snowmobiles the other not. We backtracked to the blue trail for awhile and then took another side trail which joined another snowmobile trail which ran to the rail bed which is used by snowmobiles on the lower part but not where it coincides with the blue trail. East of the railroad bed is the Bangor Forest.

Rough approximation of our route (in red)


  1. I'm curious. Are the snowmobile trails through the trees (heavy growth), or open areas like shown above, or both?

  2. Ah so, now I understand. You are switching back and forth. Watch out for those snowmobiles when they come roaring through!

  3. Have only seen a snomobile once-last year- none yesterday nor any people during the whole hike.


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