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Friday, December 25, 2009

12/25/09 Asticou and Sargent S. Ridge

This was an attempt to locate the connector trail that we could not find on the 12/21/hike. This time we started on the Asticou Trail from Jordan Pond end. There were several inches of snow but others had preceded us in past days so the walking was easy at first. Eventually there were only animal tracks and the hiking was a little harder but still good. The prediction was for sun but there was none but in the words of Frost the woods were "lovely, dark, and deep". When we approached the area where the connector was supposed to be we still couldn't find it so turned back toward the pond. We came to the intersection with the Sargent Mountain S. Ridge Trail and Kelley wanted to make the turn so we decided to give it a try. In the last couple of days someone had snowshoed up which made the walking fairly easy and we got some nice views from the trail ( one of my favorite trails but I had never hiked it in winter). About a half hour in the snowshoer had turned around and we now had an unbroken trail ahead of us which was much more difficult. We went another 10 minutes and then turned back ourselves. We saw no one on the trails but one skier on a carriage road we crossed near the end of the hike.Kelley greeted her excitedly and she nicely stopped to say hi to her. 3 1/2 hours

Asticou Trail

Sargent Mountain S. Ridge Trail

Lunch View


  1. Nice pictures on Christmas day. The last picture looks like there is a blue tag on the rock. I noticed a blue tag in a picture you posted yesterday also. Do these mark the trail?

  2. Thanks. Yes the blue blazes and sometimes rock cairns mark the trails in Acadia.

  3. great views. Seems like a great hike.


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