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Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/6/13 Tunk Mountain

Beautiful cool sunny day. A good day to climb Tunk with a friend and her dogs Gus and Roxie. We did the route from the road off Myrick Pond Road and walked to the point where the trail turns down to the ponds before returning the way we had come.

One of the first views when you gain the ridge

On our last couple of hikes I had been frustrated at attempts to get pictures of the dogs- none of  them will pose and Roxie, especially, is very active. I had better luck today, I think, so lots of pictures of the dogs among some views from the mountain.

Gus and Kelley

You have treats?

Roxie is interested in something else

Gus on a scent

We took the short trail to the other side of the mountain to see the distant wind farm

Taking a picture of it

  A little rest

We met a nice couple on the way down and talked local trails and promised to exchange maps. An almost perfect  day and a great hike. 3  3/4 hours- we took our time.


  1. Nice views. And I love all the doggie photos! :)

    1. Thanks Linda- the dogs were the real challenge.

  2. Those are some cute dogs-- Some of the best scenery in Maine, too. Thanks, John!

  3. Thanks for commenting Faith- they are cute, aren't they?

  4. Hi John... Gorgeous scenery, and where would those windmills be located??
    Love the last one of Kelly, great pose : )


    1. Thanks Grace. I am terrible at geography- they are somewhere north of Tunk Mountain.


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