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Sunday, September 29, 2013

9/27/13 Downeast Sunrise Trail part II

Another beautiful day. We decided to try a different section of the Sunrise Trail, this time from Rte 183. There was room to park here. We started off heading west hoping for views of Schoodic and it's surroundings. It didn't look like much at the start- again, more like a road than a trail.

But there were boggy areas and small pools and Kelley was happy about the water.

We did come to views of Schoodic

and other interesting things

Schoodic from the other side

When we hit a stretch that look open for a good ways we turned back

We tried one woodsy side trail and at one point could see clearing above and climbed up expecting a spectacular view. It was an old gravel pit.

We continued awhile on the trail but then returned to the main trail and back to our start.

When we reached the car we drove the short distance to the Schoodic Beach parking lot and walked down to the pond for lunch and a swim for Kelley.

Though there were seven vehicles in the parking lot there was no one at the beach and we had it to ourselves. A very pleasant outing. Two hours on the trail and a half hour at the beach.


  1. I will definitely have to give it a try..enjoyed your post as ususal!

    1. Thanks penbayman- I think the side trails may be more interesting than the main trail- see earlier post.. Also we are scouting for winter hikes.

  2. Back in 2011 we hiked Schoodic from the Hog Bay side. Bangor Electric had been ripping things up, and there were no trail markers. We didn't see a soul until we got to the top, and just 2 guys. Awesome hike, but we were a little bit nervous...

    This past August, we did Schoodic from the east side, a world of difference, much better markings!

    Overall, Schoodic Mt is one of our favorite places to hike when we stay on Schoodic peninsula!

    1. Hi Jenn- I remembered you talking about that trail up Schoodic and looked for it during this hike- do you think it crossed the trail we were on?

  3. If you are able to access this link you can see what we did from the Hog Bay side.

    From what I can figure, our 2011 hike didn't cross over with this one, but I could be mistaken.

    1. I'm not good with maps but perhaps we were closer with our first hike from 182


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