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Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/26/13 Back to Hidden Ponds

Mostly cloudy with some peeks of sun and 60's but not raining. When we were here a few days ago we did not go above the ledges our new friend  led us to. Today we wanted to continue above them and see if the trail led to the summit ( which we were told was wooded) . We started from the parking lot on Rte.182 and followed the trail to Tilden Pond as before.

Near the start is a small stream and Kelley, of course. took advantage of it.

From Tilden we followed the same trail to Spring River Lake

A brief  walk along the shore led us to the short but somewhat steep trail up. The first part is fairly dense woods so not a lot of flowers and critters about  but once you come out of the woods you are on the ledges

There was a little sun and some flowers

View from the ledges

We continued on the flagged trail but instead of rising in ran along the ridge and then seemed to be heading down before it just sort of petered out. We turned and walked back down. Looking up we could see that the ledges are near the top and we probably could have bushwhacked it.

Thought maybe we would explore the shore a bit. East was not practical and a short walk west led to the same shore conditions

Time to head back. We stopped at Tilden for lunch and then continued out. When we were almost out we met a woman with two dogs and Kelley was happy to great them all. It had been a pleasant hike  3  1/4 hours


  1. Beautiful spot, John. That area is a gem.

    1. Thanks for commenting Faith- it is nice and there is more to explore. Some of it will be easier in winter when it will be frozen.

  2. Your corner of the country looks beautiful. I bet its going to be stunning when the leaves are in full color.

    1. Thanks for comment Kim- I think fall is my favorite season.


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