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Thursday, September 26, 2013

9/25/13 Goose Ridge

Mix of sun and clouds in the  50's- pretty good hiking weather. We usually do this trail from the north end at Freedom Pond Road and go to the utility easement just short of Penny Road. We have also done a short section from the south end but not all the way to Penny Rd. and that was our goal today. We started from the Whitten Hill trailhead up to the Northern Headwaters Trail, and took that to the Goose Ridge Trail.

There are a lot of these old stone walls in the area

Waiting for me, once again

There is a pond with an old stone dam and the trail crosses this dam

Unfortunately it has a large break part way across. Kelley took a look and said, "No way,

but I can swim around it"

We encountered another similar stone structure but it had no break and Kelley was able to walk it. She also had some small work arounds for blow downs and then there was a huge obstruction of several trees and a small stream. This turned into a major bushwhack but she finally got around it.

Taking a break

We reached Penny Road  and because this had been more arduous for my girl than anticipated  we left the small piece the other side of the road for another day and turned back. We would have to deal with all the obstacles again on the way back and we did, plus a stream she jumped into and couldn't get out on the other side. She would not use the bridge, though she had used others, and I had to push her across. After that it was an easy hike.

Heading back under nicer conditions

In spite of the difficulties Kelley seemed to enjoy the hike and once over a hurdle acted her same old enthusiastic self and showed no signs of distress. Since she has a mind of her own and is stubborn I am not always able to tell if she can't do something or just doesn't want to. She continually does things I don't think she can or will do and then balks at easier things. She is still a great hiking companion.  3  1/4 hours


  1. Looks like you are starting to get some pretty fall leaves in your area.

    1. Hi Linda- thanks for commenting- yes, finally but we are still behind and there is lots of green yet.


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