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Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/20/13 Misadventure

Another beautiful day and we decided on Frye Mountain. The Common Ground Fair started today and our route to Frye passes the fairgrounds which , in the past, have always been a traffic nightmare. I got directions from two people on how to get around the fair by going to Thorndike and then down. I somehow made a wrong turn and we ended up in Brooks. More directions and we finally got to our destination. Problem was we could not find the trail head ( we have done this trail several times) . It has always been obscure with a kiosk back in the woods out of sight of the road. After walking around and failing to find it we gave up. I had directions to the short trail that goes straight up the mountain and we drove over there but could not find it either. That was enough for Frye and we drove to the nearby Dave Rock Trail. Short but at least we knew where it was.

I spotted this carved fungus as we started the hike and it seemed appropriate.

A very short hike but at least we had had a chance to stretch our legs and I was ready to head home. Irony awaited us. I missed the turn in Thorndike and was soon at the entrance to the fair. To my surprise and chagrin they had a separate through lane and we sailed right past without delay. Some days are like that.


  1. Hmmm...I've never seen a mushroom with a message before! :) Glad you escaped the fair traffic.

    1. Hi Linda- Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I don't think it was meant to be for you to do that trail today. I always pay attention to "signs" like that. Sometimes the path not taken turned out to be a good move.

  3. Thanks for your comment Kim- I think you are right- sometimes it's just not meant to be


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