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Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/8/13 Barrens of the Upper Long Pond Road

Learned about this from a Scott B. Head out Bald Mtn. Rd. in Dedham. At the Union Cemetery turn onto McGinnis Rd. Park at the end of the pavement and continue on foot.

A nice sunny day with enough breeze to keep the bugs down- the black flies are here and I have a strong reaction to their bites.

At the start it looks like a walk in the woods.

Kelley quickly found a small pool

As you continue on you come out onto the barrens with large open vistas. This is a panoramic shot so clicking twice gets the big view

Barrens - ULPR pano 5-8-13

trees in this open area stand out

From the apparent high point we continued on ( gradually down)  until the road  became 'less traveled' and woodsy and dropped more sharply.

We turned back an began to explore some of the side roads

They seemed to also head down but there were some nice views

We also found an old cemetery- Moulton

One of the side roads led to a small pond with a couple of camps on it and an opportunity for a swim for Kelley

A pleasant  outing of a little less than two hours.


  1. HI John...Kelley sure has a great smell for water !!
    You do find the coolest places to walk, and don't you just love old cemeteries, or at least i do!! To see how old the person was and who is fascinating!!
    It looks like there might be some blueberry spots there!!
    Do you have problems with ticks out in the woods....darn those black flies!!!

    1. Hi Grace- thanks for stopping by and commenting. There are huge "improved" blueberry fields. I had a bunch of ticks last year until I got this spray for my clothes. It's called Permetherin and lasts for 42 days or six washings. No problem after that so it seems to work.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I'll have to check out your tick spray. We get them pretty bad around here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Casey- one nice thing about the tick stuff is that it doesn't go on your body. I got it from Amazon but I saw it at Wal Mart the other day.

  4. I like the picture of the single tree against the blue sky. Nice shot.


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