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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/21/13 Newport-Dover-Foxcroft Rail-Trail

A friend needed a ride to Pittsfield so we went to this nearby trail. It's 26.5 miles long so we have hiked from each end but never completed the whole thing. It's been rainy and it  continues- it rained the entire hike except for one period of ten or fifteen minutes- with temps in the lower 50's but little wind.

The trail starts in the woods

but soon borders Sebasticook Lake which Kelley promptly entered.

Most of the flowers were closed because of the rain but it was pleasant along the lake, even with the rain.

There are a few camps along the lake but none seemed occupied.

and some small ponds on the other side of the trail

A little over an hour into the hike the trail comes near the road and you can see and hear cars and there are a couple of old warehouses with junk behind them.

But you soon reenter the woods and the traffic sounds diminish

As we neared Corrina and could  see civilization again, we turned back and found  a covered picnic table in one of the unoccupied camps to have a dry lunch- not that either of us was dry at this point

An interestingly colored lichen

Almost back

A pretty good outing in spite of the rain. Kelley was happy with water everywhere and seemed content to just trot along with me.  3  1/2 hours


  1. That trail is quite the thoroughfare, a regular superhighway..

  2. Most of the rail-trails are fairly wide- we mostly use them in winter when the snowmobiles pack the snow for good walking. In summer I think more people use bikes than walk.


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