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Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/4/13 Downtown and Walden

I had some errands including the library  and wanted to get some more work done on the garden so we went downtown.  Kelley was not enthusiastic so it was not a long walk but we did get a few signs that winter is at last over.

After I got some garden work done we went to Walden for an hour. Kelley was much happier with this choice. Although we didn't meet any people or dogs she found lots of water and some deep enough to swim in.

In spite of the leaves still not being out the buds made it seem no longer winter like.


  1. Was Kelley just having an off day or not feeling well? Yes spring is here but it's still quite cool here on the coast.

    1. Hi penbayman- Not sure what was going on with her. She does prefer the woods and has been fine since. On our recent Acadia hikes we find it about 10 degrees cooler than here in Bangor.

  2. Hey John, we're looking for some dog friendly trails close to Bangor. Can you tell me a few? Also, thanks for the map & trail advice for Acadia!


    1. Hi Antonio - thanks for visiting and commenting. If you email me- it's at the top of the page- I can send you several maps of nearby trails.


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