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Saturday, May 18, 2013

5/17/13 Stillwater River Trail

Cold (40's), gray, and windy. I have problems with my car ( it's worn out) and didn't want to drive far so we went to nearby Orono and a trail we had not done in a long time.  We started from the small parking lot on Bennoch Rd. and headed north.

Wild flowers right at the start

The trail is close to the river for it's entire length so Kelley was happy

Heading for the river

waiting for me to take a picture

 on we go

 Back in the river

We went down some side trails looking for the Fox Hole Trail. The third try got us on the right trail. There was a fairly large wet area along the way.

A small section of the trail crosses private property and the owners have allowed access.

More wildflowers

When we came to the turn off for the parking lot we continued on to the town for a short walk around. This ( not sure what it is) was posted on a disused door- everything is printed.

Flowers in someone's yard

We took the short trail back to parking and I found one more patch of flowers

A pleasant two hour walk in spite of the weather.


  1. Hi John...It sure has been that do I need my jacket or not weather!! So up and down the weather!!
    Sorry you got car problems is always something!!
    Peasantry looking place to walk! I love the one with Kelly in the white birches!! Nice flowers to brighten a dull day!!
    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Hi Grace- Thanks for stopping by and for your comments- cold again this morning. Good weekend to you too.

  3. What a lovely trail. Love all the flowers and your shots of the white birch trees.

  4. Thanks Linda it is a pretty spot and nice to be so close.

  5. Hi John, Interesting to see this post-- I grew up a couple hundred feet from the Stillwater Dam (which is undergoing a massive up-grade apparently, it was quite shoking to see recently). I loved exploring along the river bank,walking to Skeleton Rock when the water was low, getting as close to the dam as I dared!I have never walked the section on the other side behind the cemetery and into Orono, though. Great pics as always, Faith

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. It is a very pleasant outing.I thought they were to remove the dam?

    2. When I saw all the work going on, I did some research and found that when the decision was made to take some dams out, others were selected for up-grading to compensate. Last fall there was a big crane in the river bed below the dam, it was quite a sight. There is a power station on the other side (it is really a big dam site) and the turbines are being increased or up-graded or moved or something. I admit I am not happy seeing change in my childhood playground, but I also am not necessarily oppposed to all dams ....Faith

    3. Thanks for the clarification ,Faith


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