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Sunday, May 19, 2013

5/18/13 Lagrange Rail-Trail

Warmer than yesterday ( 50's) , sunny, and little wind- so pretty nice.
This is one of the old rail beds that have been converted to multi-use trails. They don't seem to be used much by hikers and we met no one today on the main trail. There were some people on ATV's on a side trail we were checking out. We mostly use the rail-trails in winter when the snowmobiles pack the snow for good footing and seldom meet snowmobiles.  We usually start at the Medford end which has more variation- bogs, ponds, and streams . The trail is 11 miles long so we have not walked it end to end in one hike. This end is more like a walk along a country road.

There were lots of flowering trees and bushes

 I think this is some kind of apple and there were a lot of these trees

An old piece of railroad equipment that I though , somehow, looked futuristic

I could not get close to these but they were different than the others

After an hour and a quarter we had found no water for Kelley to get into and turned back.  Down a short path we found  a camp with bog behind it ( and 'no trespassing' signs ). No one was about so down the hill through the brush and Kelley was very happy.

We then continued back toward where we had parked.

I had seen several dragonflies but none I could get close to- nor this one- but it's my first of the year so.....

Not an exciting hike but a nice 2  1/2 hour walk. Kelley would have liked more water but always seems to enjoy just being outside.


  1. Love the rail to trail trails. Glad to see you found some water for Kelley. Isn't it great to see the trees blooming?

    1. Hi Linda- yes it is- been a long winter

  2. That Kelley..she really got into it didn't she? Didn't know the dragon flies were out yet..nice..

    1. Thanks for commenting penbayman. Not many dragonflies and hard to get close to.


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