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Sunday, May 12, 2013

5/12/13 Kenduskeag Stream Trail

The rain continues. Yesterday we just walked around in it downtown and I kept my camera in a plastic bag. This morning it was gray and threatening but not actually raining so we to the Kenduskeag.  The trail starts a little over two miles from home and follows the stream for 1.7 miles to downtown Bangor.

The stream near the start.

Some of the leaves are still in the process of emerging

Kelley, of course, likes all the chances to get into the water

I think these are some kind of tree seeds - there were a lot of them

More of them

There are three bridges that cross the stream - after the second as you approach the downtown there is an office building with some gardens. Most of the flowers were closed- the weather? -but there was a nice rhododendron bush

The third bridge is a foot bridge

view of the stream from the bridge

A short wooded section and you are in the middle of town. We walked back a short ways on the street and then rejoined the trail to return to our starting point.

Some other things we saw

Following Kelley down to the water gave me lots of different views of the stream

Almost back to the car- and good timing as it started to rain again

but time for two more pictures

An enjoyable outing in spite of the gray skies- we got in an hour and three quarters without rain.


  1. Nice flower shots - I especially like the rhodie.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda

  2. Thanks for the link on this one John..I missed it the first time around.

    1. ?? Did you mean the link Faith posted on Sunkhaze?


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