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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/27/13 Little Long Pond

Mix of sun and clouds but no rain in the forecast. We parked at the Little Long Pond parking and walked down the Friends Path to the pond - a pretty little trail.

The area around the pond no longer looks like winter

We followed the West Side Trail - pretty wet and muddy in spots- to the Jordan Stream Trail. This trail closely follows the stream and the water in the stream was high, overflowing the banks in spots ( making me do a bushwhack or two) . and rushing by noisily. Though Kelley really likes water she likes it on the calm side.

The trail crosses the stream several times on bridges. Two of them Kelley won't use and usually just fords the stream instead. Today she was reluctant to get into the rushing water though she eventually crossed.

When we reached the cobblestone bridge, because of the water conditions, we decided to finished the hike on the carriage roads rather than going over and following Harbor Brook.

Still a good hike for Kelley as we met lots of people and dogs and there were many water opportunities ( besides the stream) . 3 hours


  1. Beautiful photos, John. That rushing stream looks refreshing, and the photo down Long Pond is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Casey. It was a beautiful day, especially after a solid week of rain.

  2. Nice trek John. There's plenty of water around now for Kelley to enjoy..

  3. Thanks for commenting penbayman- and more water on the way


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